Even using a deck of Tarot cards it’s impossible to predict when an accident might occur. There is no question that having a family member or close friend become serious ill or injured can be overwhelming. To make the situation even worse or more complicated, adding the stress of managing the myriad details of having to transport them safely over a long distance to another state or across the country or even around the world can be cause for frustration and worry. One of the more unique services offered to patients in the medical assistance industry is that of long distance and local patient transport. Of course, long distance transporting generally being for those not in a critical or emergency situation. For the most part, these patient needs will require transportation that is less that one day (24 hours) away.


When considering a medical transport it should be apparent to all concerned that long distance will be more costly than traveling across town or to another adjacent state. Ergo, it will be incumbent on the family to locate a transport service that is not only cost effective, but has the type of a service that provides the comfort required for the patient’s ride. So all that said, here are a few beneficial reasons for you to consider when considering long distance travel.

If the transport involves travel by air across the United States or even a nearby foreign country you should be informed as to what you’re getting for your money and what the transporting company will do for you.

* Insurance: Make sure you inquire about insurance coverage or not. Check your policy and the transport company billing and claims process.

* Ground ambulance: The reputation of the medical transport company you hire to be your coordinator in terms of transportation between medical facilities and airports. This is a critical aspect of any service provided. A nationally trusted long distance medical transport company can offer Commercial Medical Escort services. They also offer large luxurious shuttle busses, and allow family members to ride along the journey.

* Flying commercial: For patients who are capable of flying on a commercial jetliner will the transport company provide a trained medical staff to accompany your family member and make prior arrangements with the airline company for acceptance?
* In your long distance travel make sure the medical transport company provides “bedside-to-bedside” patient transfer with experience medical team members available during the entire trip.

Fotosearch_73807274Note: If special equipment is require on long distance travel, make sure the equipment is available and in place; think: wheelchairs, oxygen for COPD patients as well as equipment for those patients who require dialysis. Comfort being the key word.

As you are choosing the non-emergency medical transport help that you need, rely on those who have experience helping others. Rely on those who have experience getting other individuals like you to the places where they wanted to go. When you find those who have experience, then you can know that you will receive all of the best care. Rely on those who know what they need to do in order to help you, those who have worked with others and who understand the job that is before them.

Always seek out the best when it comes to non-emergency medical transport services, so that you can know that you will be safe and that you will receive quality care.