ambulanceIn the Medical Field there are a number of ways to get from one location to another. The most popular and primary way to get to Doctor’s offices, Hospitals, etc. is to simply drive yourself. However did you know that there are several other options available? Obviously there’s the Ambulance, but when is it okay to call for one? Can you even call for yourself? There’s a lot to know about Medical transportation – and not just about the classic siren ridden Ambulance that we all know and recognize.

First of all the word ‘Ambulance’ doesn’t only mean one kind of vehicle. It means any medical transportation device. But there are two different Kinds: Emergency and non-emergency. Each one has it’s own benefits that it brings to the Medical Field. First the Emergency are pretty obvious, they take the sick and dying to hospitals and other locations where emergency care can be given. They benefit those that are ill or injured in the most basic way because they sustain life that could have otherwise ended. They also make it easier for the medical professionals of Doctors, Medics, and nurses to do their job faster and more effectively. They help the loved ones of those that are ill or injured, and keep the streets a little bit safer.

Second there are the non-emergency ambulances that have their own benefits. What about grandma that lives alone? Or someone otherwise unable to drive? Non-emergency vehicles give these kinds of people of chance to get from appointment to appointment, or to other places where they can get help in a medical need. Of course this can range from an eye appointment to a Douala visit, and will may or may not cost the patient a little more money to use. (Depending on insurance, vehicle policy, etc.)

Now outside of grandma there are other reasons why an ambulance could be used without an emergency. For one thing there are patients all the time that need to be moved from one place to another during treatment that are unable to drive themselves or find a friend to drive them. Such as going between a hospital and a physical therapy treatment, and in some cases while they can drive themselves doctors or other medical professionals may not want them to for medication or other reasons.

paramedicsBut while we all know why they are important and some of their non-emergency benefits What other purposes could they have? Well in order to be classified as an ambulance at all they have to be for medical transport, but did you know that there are other kinds than just the ones on land? Many people may have heard of being ‘life flighted’ out of an area, or to a hospital that is further away in a shorter time, but helicopters and planes aren’t the only options either. There are actually Ambulance boats. And while like all others they transport the sick and hurt, they also help clear water of the dead to keep it from contamination, and pull medical supplies that need to be delivered via boat from place to place. Cool huh?

So really there is no question about whether or not Medical Transportation is a trouble or a triumph because the answers obvious. We couldn’t get along in the current field of medicine without them.