Long distance patients who require state to state transport during their travel should know and take comfort that they have medical professionals moments away if a sudden emergency should occur. Think professional CPR or other medical emergencies that require quick action. Another plus to consider is that most of any long distance medical service transport usually will offer enough room for several family members to accompany the patient. This is a necessary consideration in that the patient will feel more comfortable knowing family members are within reach.


If the family chooses ground transportation as the means to get their family member to the designated location, medical transport company drivers should be licensed and professional drivers. With safety being the key word, drivers behind the wheel should know about defensive driving and required to have regular updates and certifications as to their driving skills. However, if a situation arises that is not an emergency and the patient may be disabled and unable to drive on their own, using long distance state to state ambulatory services would be the perfect fit for those patients.

ambulance-24405_640Note: One disadvantage of traveling via one’s own personal vehicle is the risk of having a breakdown. Of course this scenario could happen no matter what transportation is used including the medical vehicle. But using medical transportation services, another vehicle can be delivered immediately to carry the patient and families to their destination.

In the final analysis long distance medical transport services can be the perfect solution for interstate elderly transport. Many times elderly folks have limited or poor eyesight, not particularly suited for driving, as well as being of the age where they are too old to even attempt to drive long distances on their own. Ergo, using a long distance or instate ambulance service will work great for them. Remember, your medical transport service should offer experienced care, safety, communication to family members and insure a comfortable, seamless and safe trip no matter where the destination is located.